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Special Notice

Effective July 1, 2018, e-Filing will become Mandatory in all Unlimited Civil and Juvenile Dependency matters. See our eFiling information page for additional information.

Local Rules

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Local Rule Title Effective Date
1 General Rules 7/1/1990
2 Law and Motion 7/1/1989
3 Administration of Civil Litigation 7/1/1992
4 Administration of Civil Litigation, Limited Cases 7/1/1997
6 Alternative Dispute Resolution 1/1/2006
9 Custody/Visitation Mediation 7/1/1990
12 Probate Rules 7/1/1998
13 Documents Presented for Filing 7/1/1989
14 Fees for Court Appointed Attorneys 1/1/1991
15 Family-Centered Case Resolution Process 1/1/2013
16 Family Law 7/1/1990
17 Juvenile Court Rules 7/1/1996
18 Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) 1/1/2001
19 Domestic Violence Coordination Rules 7/1/2004
20 Criminal Law 1/1/2017
21 Electronic Filing 7/1/2017
25 Appellate Division Rules 7/1/2008
50 Administrative Rules - General Rules 7/1/1996

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A.D. = Amended Date / E.D. = Effective Date

Form ID Form Name Action Date Status
Rule 1 General Rules
GR.010 Memorandum to set Case for Trial A.D. 1/1/2018 Optional
GR.020 Trial Readiness Conference Statement A.D. 1/1/2018 Mandatory
GR.030 Request/Notification for Audio/Visual Presentation Equipment A.D. 1/1/2018 Mandatory
GR.040 Procedural Stipulations for Jury Trial A.D. 1/1/2018 Optional
Rule 2 Law and Motion Matters
LM.010 Declaration Re: Notice of Ex Parte Application for Orders and/or Orders Shortening Time A.D. 1/1/2018 Optional
Rule 3 Administration of Civil Litigation
DR.040 Settlement Conference Statement A.D. 1/1/2018 Optional
Rule 6 Alternative Dispute Resolution
ADR.010 Mediation Statement A.D. 1/1/2018 Optional
ADR.020 Stipulation to Participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution A.D. 1/1/2018 Optional
Rule 9 Custody/Visitation Mediation
CV.010 Additional Orders Attachment (Child Custody Evaluator) A.D. 1/1/2018 Mandatory
Rule 12 Probate Rules
PR.010 Court Investigator Information Sheet A.D. 1/1/2018 Optional
PR.020 Order Appointing Court Investigator A.D. 1/1/2018 Optional
Rule 16 Family Law
FL.010 Declaration Re: Notice of Ex Parte Application for Orders A.D. 1/1/2018 Mandatory
FL.030 Declaration for Default Custody and Visitation Orders A.D. 1/1/2018 Mandatory
FL.040 Family Law Judgment Checklist A.D. 1/1/2018 Mandatory
FL.050 Family Law Parentage Judgment Checklist Petition to Establish Parental Relationship A.D. 1/1/2018 Mandatory
FL.060 Family Law Case Management Conference Statement A.D. 1/1/2018 Mandatory
FL.090 At Issue Memorandum A.D. 1/1/2018 Mandatory
Rule 17 Juvenile Court Rules Attorneys Representing Parties in Dependency Proceedings
JV.010 Certificate of Competency to Practice in Juvenile Dependency Court A.D. 1/1/2018 Mandatory

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