Local Rules & Forms Effective 07-01-2016

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Local Rule Title Effective Date
1 General Rules July 1, 1990
2 Law and Motion July 1, 1989
3 Administration of Civil Litigation July 1, 1992
4 Administration of Civil Litigation, Limited Cases July 1, 1997
6 Alternative Dispute Resolution January 1, 2006
9 Custody/Visitation Mediation July 1, 1990
12 Probate Rules July 1, 1998
13 Documents Presented for Filing July 1, 1989
14 Fees for Court Appointed Attorneys January 1, 1991
15 Family-Centered Case Resolution Process January 1, 2013
16 Family Law July 1, 1990
17 Juvenile Court Rules July 1, 1996
18 Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) January 1, 2001
19 Domestic Violence Coordination Rules July 1, 2004
25 Appellate Division Rules July 1, 2008
50 Administrative Rules - General Rules July 1, 1996

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Form ID Form Name Action Date Status
Rule 1 General Rules
GR.010 Memorandum to set Case for Trial A.D. 1-1-16 Optional
GR.020 Trial Readiness Conference Statement A.D. 1-1-16 Mandatory
GR.030 Request/Notification for Audio/Visual Presentation Equipment A.D. 1-1-16 Mandatory
GR.040 Procedural Stipulations for Jury Trial A.D. 1-1-16 Optional
Rule 2 Law and Motion Matters
LM.010 Declaration Re: Notice of Ex Parte Application for Orders and/or Orders Shortening Time A.D. 1-1-16 Optional
Rule 3 Administration of Civil Litigation
DR.040 Settlement Conference Statement A.D. 1-1-16 Optional
Rule 6 Alternative Dispute Resolution
ADR.010 Mediation Statement A.D. 1-1-16 Optional
ADR.020 Stipulation to Participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution A.D. 1-1-16 Optional
Rule 9 Custody/Visitation Mediation
CV.010 Additional Orders Attachment (Child Custody Evaluator) A.D. 1-1-16 Mandatory
Rule 12 Probate Rules
PR.010 Court Investigator Information Sheet A.D. 1-1-16 Optional
PR.020 Order Appointing Court Investigator A.D. 1-1-16 Optional
Rule 16 Family Law
FL.010 Declaration Re: Notice of Ex Parte Application for Orders A.D. 1-1-16 Mandatory
FL.030 Declaration for Default Custody and Visitation Orders A.D. 1-1-16 Mandatory
FL.040 Family Law Judgment Checklist A.D. 1-1-16 Mandatory
FL.050 Family Law Parentage Judgment Checklist Petition to Establish Parental Relationship A.D. 1-1-16 Mandatory
FL.060 Family Law Case Management Conference Statement A.D. 1-1-16 Mandatory
FL.090 At Issue Memorandum A.D. 1-1-16 Mandatory
Rule 17 Juvenile Court Rules Attorneys Representing Parties in Dependency Proceedings
JV.010 Certificate of Competency to Practice in Juvenile Dependency Court A.D. 1-1-16 Mandatory
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Action Date Codes:
A.D. - Amended Date
E.D. - Effective Date