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Case Information FAQs

Why is Date of Birth information not available?
The Court is prohibited from displaying date of birth information pursuant to California Rule of Court 2.507  (Electronic access to court calendars, indexes, and registers of actions.).

Is Portal content available to the Public on the Internet the same as the PC access at the Butte County Courthouses in Chico and Oroville?
No. Computers located at the courthouses also display public documents for case types where the court is prohibited from displaying them on the Internet. See California Rule of Court 2.503 

How often is the data in Portal updated?
The data is live. As soon as information is updated in our system, it is available on the Portal.

When is the Portal available?
The Portal is generally available round-the-clock, except during maintenance windows. When those are known in advance, we will post a message beforehand.

What types of cases are listed in the Portal?
All non-confidential, non-sealed, case types are available (Civil, Criminal, Family Law, Probate, Small Claims, Traffic, etc.). Certain parties in the cases may be excluded from display.

What years does the Portal cover?
Previously, there were three courts in Butte County: Butte County Superior Court, North County Municipal Court, and South County Municipal Court. The Butte County Superior Court, North County Municipal Court, and South County Municipal Court unified onto a single database system in early 1996. Butte County Superior Court cases are available from 1988 onward. North County Municipal Court cases are available from late 1985 onward. South County Municipal Court cases are available from 1989 onward. Cases filed from 1950 onward may be listed in the web index if there has been activity in the case after an electronic index was established.

I can't locate cases after 2/19/2016 - did the case number format change?
Yes. Cases created after 2/19/2016 use this format: (Two-digit Year Code)(Case Type)(Number pool that may be shared between similar case types)

The Case Types are:

Examples of criminal cases using the new format: 16CM00002, 16CF00003

What do the abbreviations I come across mean?
A partial glossary can be located here.

What does it mean when I see the date 1/1/1900?
Two things: that the case was converted from the Court's prior case management system, and that that particular piece of information did not exist in the old system. You will most often see this on Criminal cases under "charges", as the prior case management system did not maintain data regarding what date an offense was alleged to have occurred, only the date on which the case was filed. You may see this date in other areas as well, but the same underlying theory applies.

Is automated collection of the Portal data supported?
No. Visitors may periodically have to solve a CAPTCHA to use either the Smart Search or Search Hearings Features.

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