Superior Court of California, County of Butte

Superior Court of California
County of Butte

eFiling Information

Pursuant to California Rules of Court 2.250 - 2.261 , Civil Code of Procedure Sections 1010.6 , and Local Rule 21 the Superior Court of California, County of Butte, accepts electronic filing (eFiling) as follows:

Electronic filing is Mandatory in the following case types:

Electronic filing is Optional in the following case types *:

* Subsequent filings only (new Criminal cases cannot be initiated via eFiling at this time)

Electronic Filing may only be performed using an authorized eFiling Service Provider (EFSP). Visit  for a list of available EFSPs. As each EFSP is an independent vendor, instructions for use of each site must be obtained from the corresponding provider. Please be aware that each EFSP will also establish their own fees and rules for use. Some EFSPs may provide their services free of charge, while others may charge a per-filing or monthly flat rate fee. Some may also offer premium services that others do not. It is recommended that parties investigate the services provided by several EFSPs to determine which best meets their needs.

The above fees will be waived for any party filing under an approved Fee Waiver or as a fee-exempt Government entity. Any usage fees charged directly by the EFSPs are outside the Court's control and cannot be waived by the Court.

Documents may be electronically transmitted to the court at any time of the day. Pursuant to CCP 1010.6(b)(3), any document received electronically by the court between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59:59 p.m. on a court day shall be deemed filed on that court day. Any document that is received electronically on a non-court day shall be deemed filed on the next court day.

The following items may not be electronically filed, regardless of the Case Type in which they are to be filed:

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