Superior Court of California, County of Butte

Superior Court of California
County of Butte

Traffic - Correctable Violations

"Fix-it" Violations

If you have been cited for a mechanical, registration or other "fix-it" violation and the officer has checked the "correctable" box on the citation, you may have the matter corrected and then have any police officer, California Highway Patrol Officer, Sheriff, or other law enforcement officer regularly engaged in enforcement of the California Vehicle Code sign off on the back of your citation or courtesy notice (VC40616(c)). Brake, lamp, smog device, or muffler violations may be certified as corrected by any station licensed to inspect and correct the violation (VC40616(a)). You must then submit to the Court the signed-off citation or courtesy notice with the required fees indicated on your courtesy notice for the violation to be dismissed.

If you no longer own the vehicle, it is still your responsibility to clear the citation by either paying the bail amount or appearing in Court. If you have junked the vehicle, a receipt from the wrecking yard may be acceptable to clear this citation.

The Department of Motor Vehicles may certify any license and vehicle registration violations as corrected, or you may show the valid license / registration to the clerk at the Court.

Proof of Insurance

If you received a citation for an insurance violation and either had insurance at the time of the violation or you purchased insurance after you were cited, you may be eligible for a reduction in bail. In order to receive a reduction in your bail when you have been cited for an insurance violation, you must present verification of insurance coverage to the Court. If you had valid insurance on the date the citation was issued, but did not have proof to show the officer, you may provide proof of insurance to the Court by mail or in person. Upon payment of the required fee, the charge will be dismissed.

Your bail will be reduced if you show proof of insurance that was purchased after the citation date. However, the charge will not be dismissed.

The Court will accept as proof of insurance a copy of the policy or a copy of an identification card issued by the insurance company (either hardcopy or electronic) with the following vehicle information:

A statutory fee of $25.00 per violation (with insurance valid on the date the citation was issued) or a reduced bail amount (with insurance purchased after the date the citation was issued) will be required when presenting proof of insurance. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Butte County Superior Court.

Animal Control Violations

Citations issued for unlicensed or unvaccinated animals may be dismissed after presenting to the Court a photocopy of the license and/or inoculation certificate or by showing the payment receipt for current license or inoculation.

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