Superior Court of California, County of Butte

Superior Court of California
County of Butte

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To bring to life the ideals of great democratic thinkers (philosophers, writers, and leaders) throughout history and to introduce our students to the judicial branch of government in Butte County.

Program Description

Currently there are seventy-five (75) historic Justice Sayings (quotes) etched in stainless steel plates embedded in the floor throughout the new North Butte County Courthouse in Chico. Each saying identifies the source or individual and the date in which it was written or spoken. Quotes range from California Civil Code, to famous presidents, to important political figures, and other popular cultural personalities, all with various thoughts on justice and law.

The Justice Sayings Classroom Unit will focus on encouraging teachers to bring students on a tour of the new courthouse and use the Justice Sayings as an emphasis for future educational opportunities, such as essays, research, and presentations determined by the age groups and grade levels of the students.

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