Superior Court of California, County of Butte

Superior Court of California
County of Butte

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To promote civic engagement with students through business and community leadership mentoring programs. To acquire knowledge of local city council meetings and learn how community issues and problems are solved.

Program Description

By definition, a mentor is someone who forms a relationship, especially with a younger generation, to act as an advisor, a guide, or a trainer and provides knowledge and education through his or her skillset. The Mentoring Civic Engagement Program will focus on mentoring young people through the vital hours of after school programs such as the Boys and Girls Club, establishing a connection with alternative education students at locations such as Fairview High School, and revitalize troubled adolescents that might reside in Juvenile Hall with positive programs to promote individual development and improve self-esteem as well as encourage community involvement and interest in local government. The program will focus on finding teachers and administrators willing to be the initiators or point persons, citizens who are willing to volunteer time and skillsets, and civic leaders such as business owners and government administrators, who are willing to provide resources and facilities for such things as jury duty education programs, mock city council meetings, and field trips to various community facilities and local businesses.

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