Superior Court of California, County of Butte

Superior Court of California
County of Butte

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The Traffic Department handles Adult traffic citations and other infractions. If you have received a citation for a traffic or other infraction matter, you should receive a courtesy notice in the mail within three weeks from the date of your citation. Please be sure to read carefully both sides of your courtesy notice and citation. The courtesy notice will be mailed to the address shown on the citation. This notice will contain your case/docket number, the bail amount, information regarding traffic school eligibility and any proof of correction requirements needed to clear the citation. If you do not receive a notice prior to your appearance date, it is your responsibility to contact the court shown on your citation. If you fail to respond by the date shown on the bottom of your citation, a warrant may be issued for your arrest or a hold may be placed against your driver's license.

Juvenile Traffic (and other infraction) matters are handled by the Juvenile Division. Click here for more information.

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